• Application Level Development and Research

  • SW Development and Research

  • HW development and prototyping

  • Full Product Development

  • Testing

  • All services provided with necessary documentation – both formal (requirements, specifications according to standards) and informal (integration manuals, testing manuals)

  • Product Use Case / Scenarios development and analysis

Mission: to provide State-Of-The-Art services with best quality, on time and in Agile fashion.

Our Expertise

  • Embedded SW Design & Development

  • Algorithms

  • Applications – both standalone and as part of whole systems

  • APIs, Low Level Drivers and Protocols development

  • Integration and Validation

  • Build Systems development together with CI and manuals

  • High Level Protocol Development

  • RTOS development

      • Integration and / or development of drivers and driver wrappers
      • Application Level Development
      • Compliance Validation of deterministic RT requirements
  • Use Case Scenario analysis, description, development and validation

  • HW design, prototyping and validation

  • Testing: SIL (SW Testing), HIL (HW-in-the-Loop) and PIL (Product-in-the-Loop)

  • Documentation and Requirements – writing and review

  • Budgeting and RFQ assistance

  • ISO standards coverage preparation

  • Development of ISO procedures