Are you a person looking for Embedded SW Engineers? This is the right place.

Your job: to find the best engineers and provide your customer with a limited list of selected candidates. It takes time and you have to go through hundreds of engineers, have hundreds of phone calls, etc.

Our role – to assist you actively in this process by providing a team with great skillset. This saves you time – as we either have the people, or will find and hire them long term. It also guarantees that the further results of each engineer are monitored ensuring the best results for the project.

We become your technical partner during the process with your client and you have a consultant which works with you, making sure that all customer needs are met.

How does this work?

  • We sign initial General Agreement for services.

  • At a certain point – You have a customer who needs X engineers for tasks A,B,C,D,E….

  • Once we agree to work together – we (as technical consultants) and your customer discuss in detail the necessary skillset, what work needs to be performed, what targets need to be achieved.

  • Further we will first look in our team for people and if necessary hire additional task force. Once all profiles are available we prepare pre-planning and how we:

      • propose performing the services
      • will guarantee fulfillment of the targets
      • what time and resources estimations we give
  • The profiles and the planning are further presented to end client. He now knows that we both work together to do a lot more than recruiting – we plan for him, work for him and all this is practically shown in advance.

  • Once we achieve an agreement – we sign the contracts and start working.

Our purpose in this process – to provide the best results maximizing efficiency for you in the process. All the initial profile check (as well as conducting interviews and so on) is performed by us.

In addition – you skip the additional wider and technical interviews as we will conduct them. We guarantee the necessary skillset, including with additional points like soft skills and stamina. Why? Because we can assure you that we would like to have in our team only top quality engineers that would enrich our taskforce, help us build our name, and are nice to work with.